Meet Amy Devine! 

  • TIOEX Founder
  • Century ClubRider
  • ACA© Kayaking Instructor (IT)
  • SOLO® Certified WFA
  • Sierra Club® Certified Outings Leader
  • Paddle Instructor at Revolution Fitness
  • Procter & Gamble - Logistics and Project Coordination
  • CRM & Marketing Manager - Solo Products, Inc 

Amy is a Cincinnati native, born and raised, traveling roads, rivers, and trails throughout her life, and she is always looking to share those experiences with friends. Amy's insatiable desire to keep moving, traveling, learning, and creating new memories has catapulted her into this exciting new chapter of sharing and educating guests on the Great Outdoors, in and around the Midwest and beyond. This will include tips and tricks regarding LNT (Leave No Trace©), WFA (Wilderness First Aid), sustainable stewardship, kayaking, hiking, camping, and a ton of laughter and fun!! Some of her favorite hikes and paddles include the Tetons, Yellowstone, Red River Gorge, and Northern Michigan, and she is looking forward to hiking more Ohio local spots more often as well!

With a long history of corporate global event coordination with Procter & Gamble, Amy jumps in feet first when it comes to travel arrangements and group trips. Logistics are second nature to her, and she enjoys watching her efforts unfold, ensuring her guests a fantastic and fun adventure! Amy is excited to reapply her paddling experience and ACA® kayak training to Recreational Kayaking lessons on several TIOEX trips for our guests. Amy is also an active Sierra Club® member and Sierra Club® Outings Leader, as well as SOLO® certified in Wilderness First Aid. These are incredible assets for our outdoor excursions, as she is not only capable of providing appropriate WFA on our trips, but she will also lead WFA trips to educate guests while hiking and camping. 

Steve Kunkemoeller