Meet Dion Savage! 

  • Yoga director at Revolution Fitness
  • 300 hr Yoga alliance
  • 15 years of teaching Yoga
  • Licensed massage therapist
  • Excursion co-lead

Dion was born and raised in the country, which has given him a feeling of deep connection and appreciation for the earth and sky. He has traversed over many hills, and has canoed many beautiful bodies of water In Ohio.

Dion's love of adventure has taken him to Maui, The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Vancouver Island, and every state west of Ohio. His passion for physical activity is integrated in his life through many different physical pursuits. He feels one of the most valuable of all is keeping play alive and well, and encourages everyone to go climb a tree!

Dion's yoga practice spans over 20 years. He believes that it is one of the most proficient practices helping both maintain mobility & creating self awareness of body and mind. It is a very effective system to elicit and maintain positive change towards health and well-being as a whole. He also believes practicing yoga in nature definitely contributes to the profound connection that one can experience. Teaching both groups and individuals for many years, Dion has learned that he is simply helping facilitate the practice, but it is through the students' own experience that the greatest insights are gained.

Dion is beyond excited and super enthusiastic to be working with & supported by a company like TIOEX that is aligned with so many aspects of life that he finds truly valuable. He is grateful to have the opportunity to share his passion with those who are interested in taking personal responsibility for their well-being, & spending time with like-minded individuals all while having an awesome adventure.