July-September 2018

Pedals & Paddles Daytrip

run to the water daytrip

Michigan Yoga & Wine weekend

shine free Meditation Day

It's Summer, and it's HOT-HOT-HOT (and humid) in the Midwest! So TIO is taking it to the waters for sure. Our summer excursions will include plenty of movement outside, but the humidity will creep up on you with a vengeance. We'll include a paddle (and a quick dip, if you'd like), during each of our summer excursions to refresh those sweaty muscles. Our Pedal & Paddle daytrip entails a 9-mile bike ride followed by a 6-mile paddle. We'll also have our trail run and paddling day trip to keep you moving and refreshed. And this quarter includes our MOST popular weekend excursion: Wine and Yoga in Northern Michigan! After sweating and paddling and exerting through the 3rd quarter, we would like to end it with a wind-down day. So check out our Shine Free day trip to see how we'll help you regroup after a very busy summer!