Meet Moira Reed!

  • Bachelor's in Science: Health Promotion & Education, Emphasis: Community Health
  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer 
  • Five Element and Traditional Japanese Reiki Practitioner
  • Intuitive Energy Healer
  • Trained Meditation Teacher
  • TIOEX Holistics Instructor
  • Owner & Founder of Moira Reed, LLC SHINE FREE

Moira was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where she still lives today. She was a tomboy growing up, and followed her older brother around the woods, creeks, or outside playing games with the neighborhood crew. Moira grew up in an athletic family, playing basketball, softball and golf; and a little tennis as well. It was in highschool when she found her athletic passion was more aligned with the conditioning aspect of the sport than the actual game or competition itself. She enjoyed working out, and at that point, she grew more and more interested in how the body works. This is when she gained an appreciation for how amazing the human body truly is.

Moira has integrated meditation and energy healing into her MOIRA Wellness & Happiness business, as well as her Take It Outside Excursions sessions, and she is embracing the “personal” in personal training. Her passion supports a very  comprehensive view of natural health for attaining your goals.  

Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. It is believed that a person’s energy should be strong and free flowing. When this is true a person’s mind and body is in a positive state of health. Moira's goal is to help you get unstuck or unblocked.... To help ease tension and stress, and to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional.

Meditation is a practice that takes us beyond the noisy chatter of the mind into a place of stillness and silence. It doesn’t require a specific spiritual belief. Moira absolutely loves leading meditations, and watching others embrace the simplicity of quieting the mind. Through meditation you can reverse the effect of the more toxic elements in our lives. The key is to experience inner silence so the body can return to homeostasis and self-repair. 

Moira is very much looking forward to bringing our TIOEX guests some peace, relaxation, and enlightenment to bring home, as well as teaching you how to achieve these results in your own environment.