Red River Gorge Q&A

Q: What's the drive time to Slade, KY?

A: Roughly 2.25 hours with one quick break

Q: How will we get there?

A: TIOEX staff will drive all trips. We will have 2-3 cars for most trips, depending on trip headcount.

Q: What's the weather like in RRG in October?

A: It varies, but most of the time it's gorgeous and crisp - perfect Fall weather. I usually pack thermal wear: capilene tops and leggings, cotton/fleece leggings, jeans, a sweatshirt/sweater, and wool socks. Remember it's Fall, and only a couple of days. So pack layers, but don't overpack. There's nothing wrong with wearing the same pair of trusty wicking leggings or top 2 days in a row. Just bring a backup in case you get wet, or sweat a bunch, or you just get dirty. :)

Q: Do we get our own tents? Or do we have to share?

A: You will share tents with a friend, or we'll bunk you up with an instructor if you're a single guest. 

Q: What will our meals be like?

A: Your TIOEX staff will prepare camp food for the weekend for cooking on or off the fire/campstove. These meals and snacks will range from hot dogs/burgers to different types of grilled sandwiches: turkey/ham/cheese, multi-cheese, egg/sausage, home fries to fruit and yogurt to grilled chicken and pasta salad to granola and lots of coffee! And of course we will have vegetarian/vegan options. 

We love to replicate those easy and delicious camp meals that we've pinned to our food boards on Pinterest!

Q: Can I register as a single guest?

A: Absolutely! Let's get you out and about for some new experiences, and help you connect with people who are learning the same things. We'll take care of you.

Q: Will we have cell/wifi service?

A: Internet service is doubtful. Cell service, yes, for the most part, depending on your provider. There will be places where it may go in and out at the site or on the trails.

What did we miss? Contact us directly, and we'll answer any question you'll have!