Run To The Water Daytrip

What is a Run to the Water day trip?

It's an exciting afternoon of guided trail runs and guided flatwater kayaking, but that's not all! We'll transport you, prep you for adventure, equip you, guide you, educate you, and enable you to reapply these learned skills for your own trails and waterways. And on top of that, we feed you! (and hydrate you course) We also love to take pictures of our adventures, and we will be sure to include you for your own adventure gallery...

Have you ever seen those inspiring photos on social media of a woman trekking up a trail, so determined,
often with a glistening glow, arms pumping, surrounded by brown and green woodland? Or those pictures of people so calm and content, sitting in a kayak on a reflective lake, sometimes with the sun setting in the background? (ahem... scroll up to our banner for that one... LOL) 

Well, let's make you the star of those fun, outdoorsy photos! You can earn those experiences that you see in Athleta and REI right here in Cincy. Push yourself to branch out, to do something different, burn some calories, earn your own glistening glow. And we'll be there to not only guide you, feed you, and enable you, but to catch your encouraged moments in action. Join us for a run to the water, regardless if you are a beginner or an experienced runner or paddler. We will tailor our trip for everyone! Dates and rates below.

LOCATION: EAST FORK LAKE (unless otherwise noted)

TIME: 10:00am - 2:00pm

AGES: 18+

COST: $40/person


  • Transportation to and from meeting point (Revolution Fitness)
  • Prep and guidance for a beginner-intermediate trail run (2-3 miles)
  • Healthy and delicious beach lunch
  • Prep and instruction for a beginner-intermediate flatwater kayak
  • All paddling equipment (kayaks, paddles, PFD, etc)
  • Drinking water, sunblock, afternoon boat snacks
  • Amateur photography that we can send you
  • TIOEX goodie bag
  • Encouragement and FUN!




  • Trail shoes/running shoes
  • Water shoes
  • Running/wicking apparel 
  • Swimsuit or athletic skort, shorts (in case you get wet)
  • Beach towel 
  • Water bottle

Please click here with ANY questions about this trip!