Trip Reviews for Northern Michigan- Aug 2016

"This was an absolutely wonderful trip! The food was delicious, the people were incredible, and the yoga and kayaking were amazing. I know I will return to Torch Lake someday. It's such a beautiful place. And I definitely want to take another trip with TIOEX. The trip far exceeded my expectations. Thank you!!!"
"I loved your (Amy's)willingness to change plans to suit the group. I had so much fun. Lots of laughter among friends. You're a great cook and hostess. Everything you planned was so much fun that I trusted your suggestions and felt game for anything.
"So much fun spending time with Andrea. She was laid back and ready for every adventure."
"Dion was fantastic!! I enjoyed the conversations as well as the yoga. I learned several new positions and felt energized after each session. I'm going to keep working on my form and meditate on how peaceful it was doing yoga outside beneath the trees. Thank You for those memories!"
"It's hard to choose (a favorite moment). Maybe watching the sunset from the beach. Or doing yoga on the deck. Kayaking on Torch Lake was spectacular; something I'd never done before. Browsing through shops was fun. Tastings at the wineries was a great way to spend a day. Even the drives were fun. I can't choose. Let's just say that my favorite moment lasted for 4 days, from start to finish. :)"