Consulting for Your Own Trip

Need consulting for a pre-planned trip of your own?

Maybe you're headed to the beach or to the mountains, and you want something cool to do, but you don't have the resources or energy to research the best offers, the availability, the distances, scheduling, the ages limits, etc! That's what we're here for - to help you build your adventure! 

We offer in-depth consulting preparation for your existing trip, so that you can offer some adventure to your group without the hassle of months of planning. Give us a shout for pricing.

Custom Excursions 

Many of our trips are private, tailored trips for inquiring groups. If you have a group ready to get outside for a day, an overnight, or a weekend getaway, we will plan and organize everything from start to finish. We can create a regimented excursion, or something with flexibility - whatever you desire. We will provide transportation, certified-lead outdoor activities, healthful meals/snacks/drinks, and outdoor education on athletic disciplines, environment, sustainability, and Leave No Trace. We offer excursions to include kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking/cycling, bootcamps & nutrition, camping 101, Tri-training, rock-climbing, yoga, running/trail-running, whitewater rafting, ziplining, and more! 

And not everything we do is fast and furious either. If you need a day orweekend to wind down, recharge, and reflect, we have the perfect holistic healing option for you as well. Our recharging excursion options include all certified-lead activities: yoga, Shinrin-Yoku, Reiki readings, Moon meditation, Ancestral Healing, and much more. Perhaps end your evening with some vino by a fire, and retreat to comfortable beds, not a tent floor. We have fantastic staff members to guide you, and ensure that you get the most out of it. You can familiarize yourself with our TIOEX Indigo and Reiki practitioner, Moira Reed, and her Shine Free experiences HERE.

We can host groups 18 years of age and up, and we can get started NOW!