Tails & Trails Brookville, IN

Howling wolves, screeching Redtails, soaring Bald Eagles, and sparkly water are just a few aspects of our exciting Tails & Trails morning day trip. We'll start our crisp morning on the trails of Brookville Lake, listening for and identifying indigenous birds in the trees, brush, water, and sky, as well as other wildlife. After some hiking and lunch, we'll take you to visit, howl, and possibly interact face to face with a wolf pack or two! Despite burning some calories on our hike, it may just be the latter portion of the trip that leaves you breathless! 

The Wolf Creek Habitat is a second chance rescue for North American Grey Wolves in dire need of salvation. Kathy & Terry Baudendistel, WCH proprietors, have created this sanctuary in the woods of Brookville, IN to establish a safe haven for wolves that have been injured, surrendered, and those that have found themselves in unprotected lands. They will give us their perspective and some education on the wolves, their impact, and sustaining them in captivity. We'll spend part of our afternoon in the woods with the Baudendistels and their wolf packs. We are confident that you will find this experience worthwhile, and dare I say, spiritual.

We'll hit the trails in the morning and see how many indigenous aviators you can spot. We may even catch the migrating sandhill cranes! After some hiking, we'll enjoy a delicious lunch by the lake (weather permitting). And then we'll head over to meet and interact with the wolves (if you dare!) 


  • Sunday, May 19, 2019
  • Sunday, November 10, 2019


TIME: 9:00am - 3:00pm

AGES: 18+

COST: $70/person


  • Transportation to and from to our meeting point
  • Guided trails, binocs, birding guidance
  • Healthy and delicious lunch
  • Introductions to Wolf Creek proprietors and their wolf packs
  • Face to face interaction with the wolves (if you choose)
  • Amateur photography that we can send you
  • TIOEX goodies
  • Encouragement and FUN!


  • Camera
  • Water bottle
  • Hiking boots/Dayhikers/Trail shoes
  • Comfy, warm, wicking layers (and accessories) for hiking
  • Extra old top-layers - sweatshirts and sweatpants or jeans to change into for the potential wolf interaction. You can wear anything that you don't mind possibly getting torn, tattered, and/or dirtied. If you decide to enter an enclosure for a face to face with the wolves, you'll need to remove all accessories (hats, scarves, head wraps, jewelry, etc).